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Our Services
Wheel Straightening
We use our proprietary technology, which uses heat, hydraulic pressure, customized tools and metallurgical skill to straighten aluminum alloy, magnesium or steel rims to factory specifications. Our process is both an art and a science, requiring literally hundreds of hours of training before a straightener is qualified to work on customer rims. Although several different techniques now exist for straightening alloy rims; our proprietary process is superior in several way; methods that do not use heat such as cold roller technology typically leave the affected are weaker than before while our technology has a metallurgical effect on the alloy that is similar to forging steel, strengthening the affected area slightly.

Our technology allows us to straighten rims up to 28" in diameter of all types and styles. We can often straighten difficult bends that other straightening companies cannot, such as a center bent wheel. We straighten all types of auto wheels, racing wheels and classic cars.



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