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Our Services
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
Advances in alloy wheel refurbishment technologies make it possible for bolted wheels and split rim wheels to undergo previously restricted repair services. Because these more car owners have employed routine refurbishment services to improve the condition and value of their mobile alloy wheels.

Alloy wheel polishing is one of the key services we offer as part of our alloy wheel refurbishment and repair services. We guarantee that the polishing we do for your alloy wheels will not only make your wheel gleam like new but will also last as long as is possible for any polishing job!

The process:
  • We remove the wheels from your car
  • We then deflate the tyres
  • The beads are broken which means that the tyres are pushed back to enable the rim to be repaired.
  • The damage is repaired using varying techniques
  • They are then primed to prevent corrosion
  • The wheel is then baked under infer-red lighting
  • The primer is then "flatted" out to ensure a smooth finish
  • The wheels are then painted to the colour of your choice or matched to the original finish
  • They are then baked under the infra-red lighting system again
  • The wheels are then spayed with lacquer
  • We then bake them off again until they are dry
  • Finally the tyre are inflated and refitted to your vehicle
  • The wheels are refitted to your car then the wheel nuts are torqued up to the recommended level.
  • Following a final inspection, the process is complete - your vehicle is ready to drive.
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