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Pothole Repair
Pothole damage to suspension and steering components can greatly affect performance and threaten safety. Wheels that have been damaged or cracked by driving over potholes can cause vibration or deflation of tyres. Since damage from potholes can affect the overall performance of your vehicle, it is better to find time to perform an inspection of both the rims and the tyres. If you find any of the following signs, you can approach one of our tyre care service centres.

Common Signs of Pothole Damage
  • Bulging in the sidewall area of the tyre
  • Dents, leaks and rusting
  • Axle and suspension failure
  • Vibration or deflation of tyre

The pothole damage repair specialists at WheelFX can repair any pothole damage and can improve the condition of your tyres and vehicle to a great extent. We have the expertise and technical knowhow to provide high quality pothole damage repair service for wheels which have been curbed, stone chipped or corroded.

Our Pothole Repair Services Include:
  • Straightening bent wheels or rims
  • Repairing punctured tyre
  • Refurbishing pothole damaged dents, leaks and rusting

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