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Our Services
Color Coding / Matching
We can colour change your wheels to match your vehicle paintwork or to whatever design you have in mind if you prefer a more individual look for your vehicle.

Advances in color-coding have allowed repair specialists to improve the condition and value of alloy wheels. Using an advanced refurbishment system, repair specialists are able to offer unique color-coding options. (If a car owner does not want to use the original framework color, We can use a design work or pattern chosen by the car owner).

WheelFX's color matching process:
  • Inspection: Our technicians inspect your vehicles rims. The color matching process beings, and selection of either a power paint or liquid paint.
  • Cleaning: The wheels are thoroughly cleaned to move grease, grime and debris. If necessary, the wheels are welded and straightened to improve on any cosmetic areas.
  • Color Matching Preparation: The rims are then chemically cleaned for the pre-treatment process.
  • Color Coating: Using our exclusive equipment and qualified technicians, the wheels are machined using a computer numerically controlled matching process.

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